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2021 Annual Education Summit (8 Hours of CAMICB Credits)

  • 05/25/2021
  • 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Hyatt Regency Aurora - Denver Conference Center, 13200 E 14th Pl, Aurora, CO 80011


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2021 Annual Education Summit

In-Person Event / Virtual Option Available (same pricing)

Eight Continuing Education Credits - One Day!

7:00-7:30am       Registration 

7:30-8:30am       Class #1

8:30-9:30am       Class #2

9:30-9:45am       Morning Break

9:45-10:45am     Class #3

10:45-11:45am   Class #4

11:45-12:15pm  Lunch *Lunch will be provided and is included with registration.

12:15-1:15pm     Class #5

1:15-2:15pm       Class #6

2:15-2:30pm       Afternoon Break

2:30-3:30pm       Class #7

3:30-4:30pm       Class #8

Class Information:

A New Hope: Community Associations in a Post-Pandemic World

Speaker: Aaron Goodlock

Time: 7:30am-8:30am

While widely unexpected, the lessons we learned from 2020 shed a new light on what community associations are capable of.Join us as we take a look at some of these lessons, and how they provide "a new hope" going forward. 

Professionalism: The Difference Between Yes and No

Speakers: Georgie Zuppa and David Norvell

Time: 8:30am-9:30am

The program will teach and provide tools to community managers - how to respect themselves as professionals, earn the respect of board members and homeowners, and how to present options to board members / homeowners.

Why You Can't Manage Your Time (Yet)

Speaker: Loura Sanchez

Time: 9:45am-10:45am

1) Introduction of time management; 2) 3 Basic Underlying Skills; 3) Self-Assessment of Underlying Skills; 4) Ways to Improve Each of 3 Underlying Skills; 5) 30-day plan development

Return on Investment: Basic Investment Management for Community Managers

Speaker: Nicole Bailey

Time: 10:45am-11:45am

The goal of this class is to provide community managers with a foundational knowledge of investment instruments, strategies, terminology, and best practices for community associations.

Hindsight 2020

Speakers: Melanie Peck, Brian TerHark, Wes Wollenweber

Time: 12:15pm-1:15pm

Panel discussion of the impact of change and governance in 2020 and what trends are thought to continue when the world gets back to "normal."

Tales from the Claims Files
Speaker: Tressa Bishop

Time: 1:15pm-2:15pm

This course will inspect and dissect real-life community association insurance claims. Managers will learn the situation or event caused the claim, coverages available through the various insurance policies held by the association, how the Board and manager reacted and what influence that had on the final outcome of the claim, and what steps the association potentially could have taken to prevent the claim in the first place.

If Your Landscape Could Talk, What Would It Tell You About This Past Winter?

Speaker: Stan Holat

Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm

This presentation, delivered by a certified arborist, will explain how the recent winter has impacted local landscapes. It details individual issues to watch for with respect to trees, shrubs and lawn. Included are recommendations on how to mitigate the effects of harsh weather conditions and specific tree, shrub and lawn care treatments needed most in the coming spring. Best practices for spring landscape care will be featured, including what should be scheduled when to produce optimal results.

Becoming a Better Negotiator

Speaker: Joe Smith

Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm

This fun, interactive session explores the different types of negotiations, the 6 keys to preparing for any type of negotiations and the most common tools/tactics to produce effective negotiations. You’ll also become aware of the psychological tools/traps that can be used during negotiations so that you can be a better negotiator.

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