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CLAC - Colorado Legislative Action Committee

The CAI Colorado Legislative Action Committee (CAI CLAC), a committee of CAI is the official voice with legislators and regulators in Colorado. CAI CLAC exists to speak with one voice on legislative and regulatory matters that affect community associations, community association managers and CAI business partners. CAI CLAC is made up of a balance of CAI members and appointees from the chapters within the state. CAI CLAC is a committee of CAI’s national office and is a partner with the CAI chapters within its state.

2017 CAM Sunset Review

The Colorado General Assembly sets specific dates that a particular agency, board, or function of government will terminate unless the legislature passes new legislation to continue. An analysis is performed to determine if the program is necessary and should be continued, modified, or cease operations. DORA reviewed the Community Association Manager Program for the 2018 legislative session.

CAM Sunset Review Recommendation Report from DORA

CAI-CLAC Sunset Review Findings & Recommendations

House Bill 18-1175

On April 10, 2018 the Senate Finance Committee voted to postponed HB 1175 indefinitely which means the CAM program will sunset on June 30, 2019 unless a bill in the 2019 session revives the program. The Senate Finance vote was a partisan 3-2 vote with the Republican Senators talking about the need to lessen governmental regulation of private business as their reason for not supporting the continuation of the program.

CLAC will be gathering thoughts and input for new legislation in the 2019 legislative session over the rest of 2018.

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The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) operates an HOA Information office.

HOA Registration and Information
In addition to the annual Secretary of State registration, HOAs are required to register annually with the Colorado Division of Real Estate. An HOA that fails to register, renew its registration, or pay the required fee may be precluded from imposing or enforcing a lien for assessments.  Click here to search for registered HOAs.

Please check the Division of Real Estate’s website at for updates regarding the HOA Information Office and Resource Center.

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