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CAI Diverse Communities

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Community Associations Institute and the Rocky Mountain Chapter are committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion a core aspect in our membership, on our staffs, and within the community association housing model at large. We firmly believe in the unique strengths of every individual and that diversity makes organizations more successful and communities more fulfilling. By actively cultivating diversity, we benefit from a vastly richer mix of ideas, perspectives, and life experiences that expand our thinking and our possibilities. We strive to foster a culture of discovery, innovation, and service as we continue to focus on our mission to build better communities.

How Do We Do This:

• Provide at least one chapter educational session per calendar year that’s dedicated to DEI topics.

• Leadership opportunities within committees for all members to take leadership roles within the chapter.

• Encouragement of our members to sign the CAI Civility Pledge CAIEqualityPledge.pdf (

• Support of CAI’s Public Policy statement on Fair Housing Fair Housing (


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