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Denver’s Green Buildings Ordinance & Energy Program Options

10/01/2019 10:51 AM | CAI Rocky Mountain Chapter (Administrator)

By Amber Wood, City & County of DenverEnergy Program Administrator

Denver’s Green Buildings Ordinance developed from the citizen-led Green Roof Ordinance that provides flexible compliance options while honoring the original vote.   The Ordinance requires all existing buildings over 25,000 square feet to install a cool roof at roof replacement and choose one of five compliance paths including green roof/space, pay for off-site green, solar, certification, and the Energy Program.  


Green Buildings Ordinance Options for Existing Buildings

The Energy Program is one compliance path for existing buildings and includes flexible energy efficiency and renewable energy options.  The program allows a building to take advantage of recent energy improvement projects and have up to 5 years to comply with the Ordinance after enrolling in the Energy Program.  The Energy Program helps owners and managers lower energy expenses, increase building valuation, and there are many benefits from living in an energy efficient residence.  


Owners and managers can enroll a building in the Energy Program prior to or at the time of roof replacement.  To enroll early in the Energy Program, you simply need to complete an online form.  You can submit your early enrollment Energy Program Form online here.  Enrollment applies to a building for 20 years or through one roof replacement, whichever is longer.  

Enroll before it's time for a roof replacement so that your building can:

  • Get credit for recent energy-efficient improvements (up to 5 years prior to enrollment).
  • Get ongoing credit for energy-efficient improvements (before replacing the roof). 

Your building may already meet the energy savings needed!  Look-up your building on the Energize Denver Benchmarking Map to determine if the building complies with the Energy Program.  Your building already complies if:

  • It has an Energy Star score of 85 or greater.
  • The annual weather adjusted Energy Use Intensity (EUI) has improved by 10% or 15% (based on building size) compared to previous reporting years.  

Annual reporting is required for each option in the Energy Program via the building’s annual energy benchmarking report sent to the city via ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.  Full details are available on the Energy Program’s website.  You can also contact us via email at energyprogram@denvergov.org or give us a call at 720-865-5451!   

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