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Why Exterior Painting is So Important

09/01/2017 4:00 PM | CAI Rocky Mountain Chapter (Administrator)

By Peak Pro Painting

The purpose of exterior painting is to protect your building or home. While changing the colors may be exciting for residents and homeowners, the aesthetics of a paint project are the least important aspect when starting the process. Each project may be different but the steps to a finished product are all the same. 

Prior to painting, we start with the most important part of a painting project: the preparation process. There are a few steps in the prep process that are significant to assuring the protection of the building or home.  

First there will be a power wash to make sure there is a clean surface to apply paint properly. Caulking is used in a few different ways to help protect the project. Over time, caulking around window trim and doorframes begins to weather and crack because of the constant exposure to the elements. It is crucial to seal these areas so moisture does not get into the wood and cause dry rot.  

Next, counter sunk nails will need to be sealed with caulk as well. Sealing counter sunk nails prevents moisture from getting into the area to avoid nails from oxidizing and causing rust stains. It also stops water from sitting in those countersunk areas. After caulking these areas, painters will be begin to focus on peeling and chipping paint. These spots must be scraped of all loose paint before feather sanding. The feather sanding is used to create a surface for the primer to anchor itself. It is necessary to prime any areas of bare wood because the wood needs to be protected from the elements and the paint needs a strong surface to latch on to. It is essential to make sure your contractor is taking these steps because whole-siding and trim replacement is a lot more expensive than taking the detailed steps of preventative maintenance on a painting project.

Along with the prep process, there are other ways to protect your property from the harsh Colorado winters and summers. The effects of the four seasons in Colorado often cause properties to be damaged a little quicker, unlike other areas of the country. It is usual for Southwest facing sides of properties to get eight to twelve hours of sunlight per day. While it is impossible to prevent fading to occur over time, there are ways to help protect the sides of the property that get the most sun. Prior to painting, a full coat of primer on the siding and trim will add an extra layer of protection from the elements.  

The finished product of a painting project should have the property’s infrastructure protected from moisture and other elements.  

And one final note…painting can and will beautify the homes as well! 

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