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The Age of the Homeowner

10/01/2023 2:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


In the community management industry, we're entering an era where homeowners and board members, the core stakeholders of every community, are becoming the new focal point. While the industry has long prioritized back-office efficiency, a new emphasis on putting technology directly into the hands of homeowners and board members is emerging. By enabling the homeowner and board member, management companies benefit from fewer questions and tickets generated. This streamlines operations and costs for the management company while improving homeowner satisfaction through instant responses and complete transparency. 

There's a simultaneous recognition of the rising significance of community managers who play a vital role in enhancing community happiness and productivity, thereby fueling industry engagement and prosperity. In this article, we'll explore these transformative trends, bridging the gap between technology and the end-users who define the essence of community living, and spotlighting the community manager as the linchpin of this exciting evolution in association management software. Welcome to a future where innovation empowers stronger, more vibrant communities.

1. Mobile Accessibility and User-Friendly Interfaces

Homeowner engagement is paramount, and to achieve it, we must meet homeowners where they want to be – on their mobile devices. They crave intuitive, easy-to-use mobile experiences that seamlessly integrate with their daily lives. Simultaneously, community managers are seeking tools that provide speed, convenience, and safety, enabling them to excel in their roles and tackle more significant responsibilities.

However, it's not merely about making the experience mobile; it's about proactively engaging homeowners when action is required. Homeowners will not go searching for information; they need immediate alerts on their mobile devices, informing them of new events, invoices, or tasks that require their attention.Push notifications are a crucial component of a mobile app that meets market expectations.

In this era, community engagement and transparency are the lifeblood of our industry. Their absence can lead to ongoing grievances about HOA overreach. However, we have the power to evolve and return to the original vision upon which the HOA industry was built – thriving communities marked by happiness, health, and prosperity.

2. Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

As community management continues its digital transformation, the need for uncompromising data security and privacy takes center stage. In an environment where cyber threats continually grow in sophistication, community manager software must advance to safeguard sensitive information effectively. In the future, we can expect to see advanced encryption techniques, robust authentication protocols, and multi-factor authentication becoming standard features in software.

An example of improved security requirements can be seen with recent transitions away from NACHA files. These files, the long-time industry standard in community management, also represent a potential vulnerability in the realm of cybersecurity. Transitioning to modern and secure payment solutions instead helps prevent these security risks from occurring.

By taking proactive steps, as in this case with NACHA files, our industry can ensure the trust and confidence of homeowners and clients alike. In doing so, we are on the path to achieving the vision of a community management landscape where data security is synonymous with peace of mind.

3. Cloud-Based Solutions for Scalability

Scalability is a vital consideration for community managers as they grow their portfolios. Cloud-based software solutions offer the flexibility and scalability needed to accommodate an expanding property management business. With cloud-based software, management companies can easily add new properties, users, and features without the need for significant infrastructure investments.

Furthermore, cloud-based solutions provide real-time data access from anywhere, facilitating collaboration among community managers, maintenance teams, and tenants. This accessibility is crucial for agile decision-making and efficient community management.

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, the future of management company software brims with potential. A commitment to innovation in technology will empower community managers to inspire homeowner associations to evolve and thrive. We envision that technology will act as the catalyst for HOAs to achieve their original and highest aspiration - fostering transparent, safe, and collaborative communities that enrich the lives of all.

About the Author:

Matt DeWolf is the CEO of FRONTSTEPS, a leading provider of community management software solutions. With a background in technology and a passion for improving the community management industry, Matt is dedicated to helping management companies leverage innovative software to enhance their operations and deliver exceptional service to their communities.

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