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1137 One year later – financial and other impacts additional thoughts

08/01/2023 9:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Connie Van Dorn, CAI-RMC Homeowner Leader

As one of the five stakeholders who brought HB22-1137 to the General Assembly for consideration, I read with relief David’s conclusion that I am, we are, well-intentioned, decent, reasonable people. 

Since last fall, I am also now a newly minted CAI RMC member, RMC Homeowner Leader Committee member, and RMC BOD Member at Large in a Homeowner Leader seat. I am here to work from the inside to move that pendulum David mentioned to a reasonable place. 

The passage of HB22-1137 had a number of intended and achieved consequences including eliminating industry “insider” purchase of HOA foreclosures, opening up small claims court for some disputes, and others.  Most importantly, it did prevent hundreds of what could only be called predatory foreclosures.

David pointed out some of the unintended consequences of that legislation.  He didn’t mention, however, that there are some things that were in the bill’s language, that the original stakeholders didn’t bring to the table either. Some of the things that “didn’t work,” will no doubt be addressed in the 2024 legislative session.

If we want community associations in Colorado to thrive, there are other things we can do together, to address some of the challenges we all know exist.  Meaningful reform can happen without legislation or with shared stakeholder legislation. For example, I’ve been inspired by CAI's 2020 and Beyond Governance Panel Report and changes its authors contemplated.  Transformational Homeowner Leader Education and Training is another opportunity.

While the “costs” of 1137’s implementation are challenging to quantify, perhaps there’s also an opportunity here to work together in innovative ways to strengthen communities, community associations, and the homeowner experience.  In recognition of CAI’s 50th anniversary, I like to think that’s what the founders had in mind.

Connie is a retired Human Capital Consultant who enjoyed a career in human resource solutions for distinguished companies and organizations. In addition to being a proud Mom of two amazing adult children and a lifelong volunteer, Connie is a Student of Common Interest Communities and on a mission to strength Colorado HOAs via Homeowner Advocacy.

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