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Don’t miss your chance to win the dream vacation of your choice with the CAI Rocky Mountain Chapter Dream Big Membership Drive / Recruitment Contest!  Help expand our membership by bringing new people, ideas and experiences to this great organization - doing so puts you in the running to win!

As an existing member, you know that CAI provides access to valuable industry information, best practices, education, advocacy and networking opportunities for homeowner volunteer leaders, community managers, management companies and business partners.  Do you know someone who might benefit from a membership? Encourage them to sign up today!

Don't forget: CAI is still running the membership special for a Board of Directors of up to 15 members at an annual membership cost of just under $300!!!

So get your recruitment face on, review the contest rules and DREAM BIG about where you’ll choose to go if you win.  Let’s grow CAI-RMC by record numbers.  Good luck! 

A quick message from one of the sponsors, Hammersmith Management, Inc.:

Official Rules

Member Benefits

Membership Applications:

Business Partner Membership Application PDF / Online

Homeowner Leader Membership Application PDF / Online

Manager Membership Application PDF / Online

Management Company Application PDF / Online

Recruitment Tips

Recruiting new members to CAI is simple! Follow these tips to help guide you along the way:


  • Preach Membership Benefits. The more familiar you are with our benefits (listed below) the better equipped you will be to share them!
  • Identify Prospects. Think about your network and identify those who could benefit most from CAI. When you gain new contacts, ask them if they're a member of CAI.
  • Focus on Needs. Ask questions to gauge what benefits may be valuable to CAI prospects and align CAI's benefits with their needs. 
  • Provide Testimony. Provide genuine examples of how your membership has excelled your career.  
  • Close With a Plan. After discussing the value of membership, share a membership application.
  • Follow Up. Check back with them to see if they have joined. 
  • Thank Them. Send them an email thanking them for considering membership and continue to network with them.

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